Can you create Niagara Data Interface Curve for Colors in BP?

When creating a Niagara system, you are given the option to expose a DataInterfaceCurveForColors.


But it seems cannot create these in BP.

Is this intentional? Why would I want not want to set a GradientColor for my particle over lifetime in BP? Is the only solution to use C++ for this?

I need this because I need to programmatically change the color over life time for my Niagara system. I can fumble around with dynamic material instances on the mesh renderer (maybe, cannot get that to work either), or try to create an entirely different system and toggle one off and on but… this just seems silly. You can already expose and change floats and other data types, so how do you do it with CurveForColor?

The editor even has a section for editing these in the Niagara system editing screen, so is there really no way to create new ones and set them in blueprint?


I have the same problem. Anyone help me