Can you create global functions for level BP?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a function that I can use in any level blueprint that I want rather than having to copy and paste the code into every level. I realize that I could create a base level that already has the function in it and then create all of my future levels from that, but I’m just curious if its possible to create a global function that level BPs can use as this would be very handy. From my Googling I could only find ways to do it with a C++ project and not purely with blueprint.

Oh strange, I looked at the right click menu of the content browser in 4.13 and found an asset called “Blueprint Function Library” under the Blueprints category. When I did a google search earlier and found the official documentation for the Blueprint Function Library (Blueprint Function Libraries | Unreal Engine Documentation), I thought it was showing how to create one via C++ and didn’t realize that it was something already implemented into the engine.
I think someone needs to update the documentation for this feature as it doesn’t talk about how to use the asset.

Regardless, I’m leaving the post up for anyone else who didn’t know about this asset type and might want to take advantage of it.