Can you create animations in UE4 or do you need to use external applications?

Hello everyone,
I recently “switched”(I had used UE4 before, but only for a few months) from Unity to UE4.
Unity has a built-in animator which is IMO really good. But I just realized that UE4 doesnt have a built-in animator!
I don’t want to go alll the way back to blender and export it and then having to reposition my gun, and adding the scripts to it.
Is there any way for me to create animations inside UE4? If there isn’t, I would love seeing Epic Games add it! :smiley:

Does anyone have a solution?

Well, there is a plugin called “Control Rig” developed by Epic, but that tool is just somewhat hard to use.

There is one more plugin called “Allright Rig” that helps with animating the character (I’m currently using it).
It rigs the character allowing you to control bones… It feels almost like Source Filmmaker.

I warn you, It’s not free.