Can You Create a New Project from A Sample Project?

Can you create a new project from the a sample project, lets say he shooter demo, without risking changing anything in the original?

As far as I’m aware anything provided free either in the marketplace or brought with any of the sample content are free to use at will. You may change or modify it as you see fit.

i know this, my question is how can I create a “new Project” from an existing one, I see no obvious way of doing this.

tried copying folder and renaming project file. It then shows up under my project but gives an error message when I try to open. “Game name case not detected for “newproject”. The engine ini should contain entry [URL]GameName with the name of the correct case.”

You can just try copying it into a new folder without changing the name, and just compile it and run the uproject, see if that works.

Edit: It worked for me.

I changed the Config>DefaultEngine file as the error message suggested. It worked… Not sure if any other problems may spawn up as a result…


You will want to look at our Converting a Project to a Template documentation:

That will explain the process of turning a project into a reusable template. Please let me know if you have any more questions.


yeah that didn’t work… =)

That worked thanks!

the reason it only shows up as a C++ template is because “Shooter Game” is C++ not only blueprints right?