Can you create a map or level in ue4 and import it to unity as a map?

Hey there, my name is zach and me and my friends are in the creation stage of our game development company called moderately Adequate games. As our first project will be developed in unity (Against my will), we would like to make a realistic map for our game and as I told my friends ue4 is a powerful map creator and editor so we decided to use that as our map creator. However, is it possible to make a map in ie4 and then import it to unity for further development? Thanks in advance.

no. how would that ever make any sense? they are two completely different programs that work very differently and have different functionality. just take blueprint for example, do you think think unity has some way to interp something that is ue4 proprietary.thats just an obvious case there are way more subtle behind the scenes things to also consider.