can you comment out a section in blueprints as you would in written programming?

can i comment out a section of my bp? I would love to be able to do that to try and debug my issue i am trying to work out where i have an issue at. thanks :slight_smile:

Not to my knowledge, best to just go back and unhook a section.

not really. my workaround for small portion of nodes:

you have the exec flow, use it :wink:
just unpin at the start of the portion you want to comment out, and now pin the exec directely to the node you want your comment out end.

Unpin the node starting at where you want to disable or ‘comment out’. You can also run the project with the blueprint open to see the ‘flow’ of the exec wire. I personally like to throw in some Print String nodes to see where my blueprints are messing up.

awesome, thank you for the tip/advice guys. appreciate it. I am really liking what i am seeing and getting out of this engine so far. im excited to see what else i can bring to life with it in the coming days