Can you clarify issues with implementing UE4 in VFX pipeline


I am considering implementing UE4 in my VFX pipeline for animatics and some background environment. I am now in the initial phase of exploring the pros and cons and there are few features I need to be able to use and haven’t found out for sure yet.

First of all is the exr support. I found UE4 supports them but I didn’t find whether ts specifically supports linear LUT so we could easily compose and CC the images in Nuke.

Secondly I use many custom IDs and other passes. I found it’s possible to make some sort of custom pass, but can I make for example a separate pass that writes in only specific shader? (i.e. specific object or shader all white). Can zdepth pass be set to absolute distance (not just 0-1, but full unclamped distance values). Also does UE4 support multichanel exr? (all passes within the exr - not a necessity but it is convenient).

And lastly does UE4 support advanced render settings such as anti-alias sampling, motion vector, ray-count or linear loght workflow? I haven’t seen this in the image sequence export settings.

Could anyone clarify any of my issues or provide their experience with implementing UE4 in VFX pipeline?

Martin :slight_smile: