Can you change the speed of a pan node ingame?

I’m making a rolling ball parkour platformer type thing. i want the texture i’ve made for my slime ball to roll when it moves but not roll the ball itself, as i’m planning on having bones inside it that i want to stay upright through the roll (i plan to give it a squat appearance while it is stationary and moving slowly and stretch it out to be a more disclike shape when its rolling fast)

am i going about this incorrectly or is there a way to use a pan node and a changing variable ingame shared between the event graph and the material?

this is my first real project and im just trying to make it look nice, mainly for my perfectionist ■■■ and no one else lol.

If I understood correctly you are looking for Material Parameter Collection? You can set it’s parameter value in EventGraph and it will update in the material accordingly.

It is easy, just connect a scalar parameter node to the panner node in your material.
And do the following:-
1) Create a Material instance (not necessary but helpful)
2) Apply it to your Ball
3) In Blueprint, you can access the material through the " Get Material " node.
4) Change speed of panner through Accessing the scaler parameter by using " Set Scaler Parameter Value"
( See this :-