Can you change the settings of a blueprint in the level?

I want to create a series of moving walls that a player can control. The movement is going to be slightly different for each wall. I know I could create it in Level blueprint , but that will be very time consuming if I have to repeat the same process multiple times. I would also have to manually update each level if I want to make changes.

Is it possible to have a blueprint saved in the content browser that you can place in a level then edit the settings without changing the settings for all of the same objects?
It would also be useful to be able to edit the blueprint graph as well without changing all of the other objects.

By the way every time I try to add more then one tag on a question I get an error message saying “The following topics are not present in the system, and you don’t have permissions to create new ones: Editor Preferences”

For each instance of a Blueprint, you can change variable values but not graphs. If you wanted to use vectors for your “locations for the wall to move to” instead of hidden Static Meshes, you could create two vector variables in your Blueprint, and set both of them to “Editable” and “Show 3D Widget”. Then, for each instance of the Blueprint you place in your level, you can select the vector variables and position them in the level wherever you need them.

You could query the values of these variables (or other variables you set to Editable) to alter the flow of execution through your Blueprint graph. For example, you could set a Boolean variable for individual instances of your Blueprint, and then have a Branch node that checks that variable. However, each instance must still have the same arrangement of nodes and wires.

Could you attach images of your wall Blueprint (and also your projectile)? What do you mean by activating the wall by accident? Thanks!


You should be able to alter individual instances of a blueprint without altering the source by going into the Details Menu. Under “Blueprint” there is an “edit” option that will allow you to change the blueprint data of the specific instance. Please let me know if this has resolved the issue. If there is anything else that we can assist you with, please let us know.

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That helps a bit.
I am trying to creating a Blueprint for a wall with two arrows on it . You have to shoot the arrow to move the wall in that direction. It works by having two hidden static meshes at the end of each wall and the object will move towards these objects.

I would like to be able to move individual objects when the Blueprint is in the level so that I can easily change the distance that the wall moves. At the moment I am only be able to move the blueprint all as one.
It would also be useful to be able to trigger events from different actors (mainly receive any damage) because at the moment I can only trigger one event using “recieveanydamage”

That image did not quite come through. Could you upload it or attach it a different way?


This seems like a very broad issue. If you are having trouble with using a specific part of blueprints, I could explain it better and possibly report a bug, but it this sounds like you need assistance with overall design of the component.

When you say you cannot trigger events from different actors, are you using Blueprint Interfaces?

“I would like to be able to move individual objects when the Blueprint is in the level so that I can easily change the distance that the wall moves.”
Can you do this by moving a component of the blueprint via a timeline?

If you are uncertain the best method to go about creating a mechanic, you may want to ask the forum community for advice as well. I hope this helps you with your blueprint’s design.

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I want each arrow to move the wall a different direction when it takes damage. The problem is that I can only create a damage event for when the whole actor takes damage so I can not differentiate between the two.

I see now. The best way to do this, strictly through blueprints, will be using an “Assign On Component Hit” event. It is a little bit of a workaround, but this should allow you to do what you are describing. Here is an example:

Please let me know if you have any more questions.

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I am unable to view that image can you upload it again?

It is not a functional blueprint, just the image of the node hooked up. You will need to drag off of your component variable node in order to get the “Assign On Component Hit” option. Please let me know if this image is viewable for you. We have contacted our website managers and reported that there is an error with images.

I still can’t view this image. I have tried opening in a new tab and downloading the file.

I have uploaded it onto the FTP server under “/FTP_Dropbox/For Toxic Games”. This is not how we normally share images, but these are extenuating circumstances. I apologize for the hassle.

I tried that but our custom damage type was not recognised. Is there another way because if we had a working version using that method it would be possible to activate it by accident.