Can you change Notify variables at runtime?

I’m trying to change the color of a Niagara System (sword trail) at runtime to reflect the element the character has active. I made my own notify to change all the Niagara variables and its working, but ultimately I need to be able to change the Enum (Spell School in the screen shot) that the animation is set to at runtime. I can’t figure out how to do that and the information I found online seems to indicate that you can’t change this info at runtime. The other route seems to be to have a message notify trigger a function in the character’s BP and then do all the logic there, but that seems a little less elegant. Does anyone know a good way to implement this?


  1. notify is not what you should use here. They can and probably will missfire unless you change their default setting.

  2. are you trying to spawn a different effect based on the enum or to just alter the effect in some way?

The latter would just be done by exposing and passing in a variable.

While changing the system to spawn would have to happen at cpp or blueprint level.

To change an enum you have to send it the correct byte value to use.
An enum is essentially a byte. There are ways to change them. You just need to know exactly what you are doing (ei obtain the correct value off something else, convert to byte, pass it in, set that value).