Can you cast between a widget and map??

Hello Folks!

Is it possible to make an event dispatcher fire off an event from a ui widget to a map? I’m trying to set it so when the player presses a button in the ui it fades a specific audio from the map. I have seen in [unreal discussions][1] that it is possible to create event dispatchers between widget and map, but its not working for me.

What I’m trying to do?

I want it so that when the user clicks on a button in the UI it fades a specific audio in the map.

How its set up:

I’m calling the event on ‘Event Construct’ in my widget


I’m binding it on ‘Event BeginPlay’ in my map

What might be happening is that your dispatcher is fired before it can be bound, try delaying when the dispatcher is called in the widget. Also more print strings to track your progress in case you miss something

Thanks @harryhighdef! Dinny work tho, I tired adding a delay but it had the same issue, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong :frowning:

I did find a workaround which i’ll post as an answer

I managed to get this to work by calling an event in the player blueprint and having an event dispatcher from there calling the level blueprint. Not at all 100% if this is the best/correct way to do it, but it did work.