Can you blend phys mats inside of a single material? (4-27)

Hey! Bit of a newbie question I suppose, but still an important one that I couldn’t find an answer to:

I am trying to blend two Physics materials into one material using an alpha such that there are patches of physics materials on one and the other. Is this a thing you can do? If so, how?

I know it’s possible to have physics materials painted onto landscapes, but I need it on a specific material.

A quick note that I’m not asking about blending textures, that’s simple. The physical materials are what I’m trying to lerp between using an alpha mask.

Greetings, developer. I see you have googled far and wide. If you happen to have a similar query as to the one that I posted, allow me to illuminate for you how I fixed it, that your pain may be lessened.

Can you blend phys mats? Yes. Well, sorta. The thing you are looking for is called a Physical Material Mask.

Now if you go search for that, you will discover that there is in fact just about no documentation for that except for some jank page for UE3. This forum link is the best documentation you’re going to get.

In the end, while I was trying to figure out how to get this working, I made a simple realization: In my use case I don’t actually need to figure out which of several phys mats were on a mesh: My needs are more binary. I just put a second invisible copy of the mesh on top of the first one and used a raycast + UV unwrap to figure out if the pixel I was over was one that needed a physical effect or not.

Sorry if this doesn’t help your use case, traveler, but it was the best I could find and I help it was at least somewhat helpful. I wish thee well.