Can you animate a dynamic material parameter in UMG widget timeline?

So in the graph of my widget I can create a dynamic material instance. I can then use “Set scalar parameter value” to change a parameter on it in blueprints.

I’d like to be able to change this parameter on the timeline so the designer can edit fade in times etc but do not see a way to select it. Is this possible or am I limited to linear onframe changing?

You could add Trigger / Repeater events to the timeline:

From here on, you can use the Sequencer Graph to push what you need into the material instance.

Thanks for the help on this (and nice pictures with arrows!). I’ve got it somewhat working but am not able to curve edit the value. It’s a fade in dissolve effect and wanted the designer to tweak how it fades in with curves.

So I created events in the graph like so:

I found you need to create a keyframe then right click->properties and choose the event function to call. I set the start value at zero and end value at 1. It doesn’t seem to work to change value over time though, it’s just an on and off and if I try to add a curve in the curve editor unreal just crashes.

Here is my event function:

I’d like to be able to change the float value over time and adjust it on the curve editor if possible.

I found a way to do it.

First create a float curve:

Edit the curve as you like with time and value over time:

In your UMG create a dynamic material, set the effect material, set the starting param value, and assign the curve to a variable:

Setup a function or whatever that starts a timer based on the values of the curve:

Then in an event tick you can get the elapsed time of the timer and set the parameter based on the curve value at that time:

Now you can edit the curve and the animation of the value will change accordingly.