Can you add the "Add to Project" function on all Marketplace content to simplify Migration?

I’ve noticed odd issues occasionally when trying to migrate content from one project to another. Most problems I’ve encountered had materials that would no longer link up after migration. Would it be possible to add the “Add to Project” feature to the drop down list for all the content produced by Epic and the community projects? It works like a dream for purchased content, so I was wondering if it could be down for the downloadable projects as well. That way it simplifies migration, and you get the static meshes, materials, animations, etc… from alternate projects up quickly, without the need to migrate? But keep migration in the editor for more nuanced control over your files. (So you help avoid bloated projects, because I imagine that is what will happen with this feature) I could see it being very useful when you want to learn or combine projects for variety and/or integration.


Hi there!

So this is something we are aware of and currently the only way we have to support demo levels that are provided in a submission. This is something we are looking into to see about either resolving this completely or finding a better way to go about this. Thank you for bringing up your concern about this.

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