Can you access poly face / verts / normal info via Blueprint ?

Hello all,

I was wondering if its possible to find out information in blueprint, about locations of verts, poly faces etc in a static mesh?

Say for example you wanted to emit particles in cascade, that were then attracted to vertice positions on a mesh, much like setting up particle “goals” in maya?

I’m hoping to use this to create the affect of a mesh revealing itself one face at a time, by instancing a poly mesh to a particle system and having it fly into place on the target mesh.


I don’t believe this functionality exists at the moment. I can imagine some cool stuff you could do with it! I added a request to our task tracker. One problem might be that the CPU doesn’t usually have access to the geometry once we have uploaded it to the GPU, and this may require an additional copy…

Thanks for the reply James, maybe you can answer a similar question for me. I just discovered the skel vert /surf loc module for emitters. I’ve managed to emit particles from the centre of each face on my skel mesh which is cool, but I can’t for the life of me work out how to make the emitted mesh object align itself to the face it was emitted from. The “orient mesh emitters” flag doesn’t seem to do it. All the particle alignment options I can see seem to align the particle to the camera in one way or another.

The desired affect I’m after is to ultimately emit a triangle mesh, that matches the position/orientation and scale of the face it emitted from. Cheers.