Can we use items from the marketplace commercially?

Users are free to modify any content they purchase from the Marketplace.

All items sold are non-transferable, and users cannot sub-license the content for further redistribution, whether or not they have modified it. Users cannot buy your content and then distribute it to other developers to use in other projects, for example by listing it on the Marketplace or another store themselves.
----- taken from FAQ -----

If I’m reading this right I can’t use this in a game I intend on selling if I buy or get them for free from the market place? My main area is, but a question in case I do actually get something else (paid - ex: weapons) would be nice to get an answer on as well. I have intended on using gametextures for a while now, but I’m not at the point where I feel the need to have correct textures. If I used any of those textures in my game rather than going through gametextures directly it won’t work?

Just trying to clarify this (free and paid content) as I’m not a legal expert on this subject.

You can use store assets in a commercial game or similar product. What that section mean is you cannot redistribute the asset for someone else to use in their game.

Thanks for the clarification. Is there any rules on free or paid items in the store where the license may differ? Anything in the store is safe to modify if it’s free as well.

All assets are subject to the same license. You can use them in any way you see fit, but you can’t redistribute then as standalone packages.

Yep, that’s right. We made it easy - everything is the same license.

But isn’t there really two licenses? Some marketplace assets (free stuff from Epic) is marked “Only for use in Unreal based products”, while the standard license lets you use the assets in any game.

I think what they mean when saying “Only for use in Unreal based products” is that you can’t download the assets and use them to make a commercial game in a different engine (such as unity for example). That is the way I understand it, they don’t want the assets to be used in another engine. :slight_smile:

Sorry, you’re right, free stuff from Epic carries that extra restriction but stuff from other vendors all falls under the same license.

Alright, doesn’t effect me if I stay with Unreal Engine 4. Thanks for the info.

So, if I use stuff of Unreal Engine, the restriction “Only for use in Unreal based products” does allow me to create a commercial game always staying under Unreal Engine?

Is “Only for use in Unreal based products” is the same as “Licensed for use with the Unreal Engine only”, and is this mean that assets can be used in commercial project?

We want to create a trading card game/app - i asked one of the icon providers on markeplate if I could use the icons for my trading card app so that users could create a trading card then print the trading card so they can use the printed version of the trading card in their games.

The specific icon provider on marketplace told me we could NOT allow our users to use the trading card game/app for personal or commercial purposes.
They won’t allow someone to print a screenshot of the game/app?

I thought marketplace content (icons/characters) etc could be used for commercial purposes - there are no rules in the terms and conditions that say printing screenshots from games/app is not allowed?

Whats the point of buying icons/images/ characters if I can’t create a game/app my paid users can use to create custom trading cards for onscreen/ commercial printing/personal printing purposes. Please help as it does not make sense.