Can we transform a int variable to a string character with ascii convertor?

Hi everybody, I want to know if we can transform int variable to string character with ascii convertor ? Because i need to sort my array actor by name and not by time of creation. Thx

Hi EternalSilence,

You can drag from a reference to an Int and search for “To String” to get the Int to Sting converter node.

Is that what you are looking for? Let me know if that helps.

To save others the time; no, this node does NOT convert an int into a character (or string) using the ascii table…
it turns the int 48 into the string “48”.

I couldn’t find a node that uses the ascii table for anything, so I had to write my own function for it, manually filling an array with the values of the ascii table.

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I don’t know if there is a BP way, but if you’re going to use C++, this is easier than filling out a table manually.

Use select and have the integer select strings ‘0’, ‘1’ etc.