Can we save the state of the Gameplay Ability System?

Hello, I was wondering if the gameplay ability system was compatible with savegames. Is it possible de save the state of the whole system ( attributes, current state of gameplay effects beeing played), granted abilities, tags, … If yes, how should I process ? thanks!

Saving attribute states could be possible, but saving things like running GameplayEffects will be really painful and from the code, would require a lot of changes. Tag can be saved just fine, granted abilities can not be saved, but can easily be regranted from a saved list of classes.

Thanks for the reply.
For the GameplayEffects, does this mean that the gameplay ability system should be only used for games with no persistency like pvp online games ?

That was its intended use case when created. Effects are transient and should not exist at the end of the game play. Attributes can be saved and loaded if needed, but again this game design dependant.