Can we please update the long overdue 'Setting Up Visual Studio' page to be accurate?

This page doesn’t list all the packages you need to compile with Unreal Engine, which is arguably who this page is really for. The only items listed by the documentation are:

  • Game development with C++
  • C++ profiling tools
  • C++ AddressSanitizer (optional)
  • Windows 10 SDK (10.0.18362 or Newer)

But if you actually do just install these, it’s not enough. You also need some DotNet stuff, for example.

What would be great here is an exhaustive list, or even better, a .vsconfig file that you can simply apply to the VSInstaller launcher and it gives you everything you need straight away.

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Hello TheJamsh, I’ll pass on your request to the docs team. I can’t promise when it will get worked on, as we’re sort of swamped right now.

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