Can we please get a drag & drop widget for reordering ENUMs?

Hey there!

Right now it’s a real pain to reorder entries in an ENUM because we have to use the arrows on the right hand side to move them up and down the list. This would be a minor hassle at the very least, but I’m adding entries to an ENUM that use quite a bit, so when I add an entry and rearrange it, the engine then has to update this order in all of the blueprints I’ve used this ENUM in, which is a lot. And now it’s taking minutes for the engine to process this each time I reorder an entry.

In my case, I made a new entry and wanted it to be at the top of the list. I’ve had to just leave it where it is because every time I move the entry up on, the engine hangs for about 5 minutes because it is reordering everything in the background.


If the ENUM editor just had grab points like are elsewhere, this issue wouldn’t be an issue.

Thanks for your time,