Can we pack IOS game for AppStore?

i want to pack my game for uploading to apple appstore

here is what i did:

i created keypair using iPhonePackager.exe.

i used this request certificated from iPhonePackager.exe for both my ios_dev and ios_distribution certificate.

i created 3 provision profiles, 1st dev provision with wild card ID, 2nd adhoc Profile with explicit ID, 3rd distribution profile with the same explicit ID.

i used those certificate and profiles they all work fine for both my development and shipping period (adhoc for testing gamecenter) until here it was going fine.

now i want to pack my game for submission to appstore ;

i checked for distribution in setting > packaging ,yet it will not make distribution certificate and distribution profile green it still stay at adhoc profile.

i tried re-signing with iPhonePackager.exe it work if i only choose distribution profile and leave the distribution certificate to find matching , but this way i get the email from iTunes connect saying the signature is incorrect.

if i choose distribution certificate iPhonePackager.exe fails

till here i was using my PC

i used a mac for re-signing but all got rejected from iTunes connect…

so i am kind of desperate now stuck at the final boss…

dose any one managed to to pack for upload to appstore from PC? (blueprint Project)
or there is no way??

ok , poco a poco getting there

all my attempt for signing IPA using UE4 4.10 failed miserably, on both Windows and Mac, in the UE4 on mac it was not even showing certificate and profiles saying they can not be found, however it was packaging it with the adhoc provision and distribution certificate.

i finally used the cooked version of the Mac for no reason at all, and i found that in order to upload to iTuneConnect u need something like following:

i used " test flight " internally it was ok , now i am waiting for my beta to be reviewed so i can test with external tester before publishing.

Hi, can you give an example of entitlements.plist file, thanx!