Can we make In-World Dynamic Convex Text?

Hi all,
I would like to make curved (convex) text that I can change programmatically in the world (not in the HUD), so static textures are out. I have seen some work-arounds from years ago, either attempting to make a single text renderer for every letter, and then laying them all out on a spline, or manipulating a texture to add text to it (Unreal Engine 4 - Render Text to Texture using Canvas Render 2d - YouTube).

Both of these seem like complex solutions to a simple problem. Can text be dynamically placed and distorted/warped in world? If not, when will this feature, present in Photoshop since the early 90s, come to this most powerful of game engines?

I’ve tried the 3D text plugin as well, by the way, and it doesn’t let you warp the text either.

I appreciate any help y’all can give.

[Edit] It is worth noting that I’ll be happy with even some kind of post-processing answer that creates the same effect, though I want it to be localized to the text.

Ah, the good old days of hammering at it until it works:


Since this remains the best possible answer, I have implemented something similar without the Splines, since I don’t need the text to move around. I made an object with forty Text Render components, positioned them as needed, and then made over a dozen copies to make the grid of curved text. Each row can process its line of text independently, and I control it from a parent object that manages the array of text in the background. I don’t love this as a solution, it feels like a kludge, but since I’m emulating an early 80s PC screen, it at least feels like a period appropriate kludge.

Thanks @Everynone !

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