Can we have Unreal Tournament back?

Enough with the cash cow Fortnite, time to get back on the alpha with UT and finish it up!



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Agreed, they could get 2-3 devs to watch over, and make it almost completely developed by community. I would love to make some maps it that thing was alive.

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Onslaught tipe wit more drivable vehicles 100 player battle
where i can buy this game?

is not need even allot off work wit a Epik Unreal Turnamet base wepons + ciaracters
Very short list xD
2 tipe jet fighter
2 tipe bomber
3 tipe truks
3 tipe tanks
3 tipe hamer jep
2 tipe mega bot groud
2 tipe mega bot bobmber
3 tipe towers
2 tipe Base
2 tipe contest poit
4 tipe exoskeleton / robot of various sizes
1 tipe helicopter
1 tipe flying bike
each vehicle for a specific purpose
all vehicles can be driven by more people with various weapons for each seat

  • maps

in my opinion unreal should also move fast fast fast… that to find a random guy to makes a fakesimile it takes 0 just one who wakes up in the morning and decides to do an unreal turnament 2004 / quake arena with assault vehicles
PlanetSide 2 go broken in 24h 100% the whole community migrate en masse like sheep honestly all half mmoFPS go broken in 24H even Fortnite

It takes a lot of money to make video games, and those who don’t play video games have the money to invest how can one persuade an videogame ignoramus pisellonius maximus on the idea of the gameplay off a video game ? billion dollar question? Unreal Turnament it’s a ■■■■■■■ gold mine!!! you have to be short-sighted stigmatic with one eye only not to see the potential

They should do a Fortnite x UT crossover event. That would be sick.
I never played fornite before but I would pay top dollar for that.

+1. At least bring back the old UT Repository.

Yup, and open if for community to keep working on it or let it die.

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Fortnite doesnt need a competitor, so no. Unreal Tournament wont be back until Fortnite becomes less popular.
Its a usual practice amongst companies to mimimize the competition by either acquiring and stopping competitors, or by doing it with the products they already have. Capitalism, comrade.

Fortnite is for kids and kids grows…the decline of the Fortnite is only a matter of time is inevitabl in 5 years we will not hear more about it there will be video cards and products that make Fortnite an extinct dinosaur

any wey Unreal Turnament have a story plot wit a BOOLS!!! sponsors betting in a tournament which determines the baddest killers in the universe…already a story plot is a EPIK WIN!!!


For sure!
I wish like h3ll that they would continue UT, not Fortnite. I really hate fortnite…took away my UT childhood for some Pay-to-win game.

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Truth is that fast paced shooters are in decline (they needs skill not bought op guns). So I do not blame Epic for not funding UT.

However i really hope they make last UT an open source project (maybe after porting it to newest UE5).

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Truth is it is not really about fast paced or not, APEX is fast, it is the studio wanting to invest to try and test and make something new but deep down fun for the market, the market is always looking for new stuff

You can take Lyra and turn it into the fast paced shooter of your dreams!

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That sadly almost nobody will play.

If you are a company of 500 people, you need millions of players.
If you’re a company of 1-3 people, you don’t need that many players.

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