Can we have the option to specify bCaptureSceneColour for a SceneCaptureCube?

I’ve been trying to create a nice workflow for our team to create panoramic scene captures using the SceneCaptureCube.

Unfortunately, the gamma always appears to be blown out in the output, which I tracked down to the fact that the CreateSceneRenderer function in ScenePrivate.h defaults the bCaptureSceneColour to true, and it’s not overwritten in the UpdateSceneCaptureContents(USceneCaptureComponentCube* CaptureComponent) in SceneCaptureRendering.cpp, although it is in the equivalent function for a USceneCaptureComponent2D.

While obviously this could be worked around by modifying the engine source code, it seems like it would be useful to have this option exposed for everyone, like it is with the SceneCapture2D.

Is there a reason I’ve missed that a cube capture can’t capture a post-processed scene?

No-one has any ideas here? It seems like something that’s just been missed or something…