Can we have OpenGL E33.1 + AEP in Launcher-Builds from 4.9 onwards?

So I’ve started deploying our game to Tablet as of 4.8 with the full desktop renderer for shield devices. I downloaded 4.8 Source, changed the (singular) line that I need to change in a config file somewhere and built the engine. The only thing that config file change let me do was tick the check-box to enable the desktop renderer.

I have since reverted the game back to a launcher-build of 4.8, but I can’t uncheck the checkbox, which means I can’t compile at all for Android. But, having to download all of source code to change that check box anyway is super frustrating. Is there anyway we can have these options exposed as part of the binary build in future? It’s just too much hard work so I doubt most people are bothering to use it.