Can we have insight from Epic on Linux support for the launcher?


I posted a thread 4 months ago (link) about Linux support for the launcher and got a reply saying Epic is investigating ways to better serve the Linux community. Since then I had to switch to Windows to buy some assets from the marketplace. But I would really like to switch back to Linux as I use as my main OS.

Has there been any talks regarding this?
Can we have an insight from Epic on how important it seems to be to support Linux? Is it talked about? Is there work being done to port the launcher?


I think the real issue is the lack of Marketplace access. It should never have been tied to the launcher and only the launcher. I think the Linux community would be fine without the launcher, provided we had access to the Marketplace. I don’t have (nor want) Windows installed (especially if the sole purpose would be to use the Marketplace).

That said, I know they say they want the build to be stable before releasing the launcher, but I think it’s unnecessary. A config option to point to the Engine/Binaries/Linux (or system of choice) folder to use would suffice, and could possibly be beneficial to other platforms where users are compiling from source.

LAUNCHER FOR LINUX! LAUNCHER FOR LINUX… launcher for linux… launcher for Linux…

It would be nice.

Any new on this ? Getting tired of using Windows to download marketplace assets in order to work with them on Linux.