Can we have avatar (userpic)?

Not a big deal, but just wondering is avatar support is in the pipeline.

100pixel Square size or something, shouldn’t affect bandwidth I guess.

I believe they’re going for a professional look to the forums and I believe Avatars are an unneeded addition which helps clutter up the place rather quickly; It also adds to an extra thing that needs to be moderated and the forums are working 100% fine without it.

The official word from Chance as of a couple months ago:

See this thread for more details as well:
Forum Avatars would be wonderful :) - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums)&highlight=avatar

Most likely just hasn’t been implemented yet. :slight_smile:

Problem is in vBulletin. 4.2.2 even can’t handle Gravatars properly.

Avatars representing author ‘100500%’ better than Nickname. It’s how human’s brain working. So it’s not a whim.

Hopefully they’re not implemented in too distracting a way, I’ve seen signatures on this forum already that were 500x300px zooming gifs with a hard cut between the last and first frame.

Also hopefully people adding avatars realize there’s a dark theme as well, rather than treating white as transparent.

Haha, I know what You mean… looking at #2 post

100x100 is max my guess, but I will be fine even with 64px or 60px (width of status text “Join Date: Mar 2014” is about 125px)

To be fair they are advertising services and free stuff that is relevant to the forum’s demographic, rather than demonstrating their love for some T.V. show. Better yet it’s not particularly distracting. I’m just talking about the big flashy signatures, and thinking about what havoc avatars will wreak. Hopefully “no animations” and “reasonable size” restrictions are put in place at the very least.

This forum isn’t a professional-only forum, but it is one where professionals visit, and people often come here trying to get things done. Business casual maybe. Don’t get me wrong, it’s useful to see visual avatars for users, but people are going to be reading this forum at work while they track down issues. If a boss comes by and sees an avatar that’s just a zoomed in screenshot (Or worse yet a bouncing gif) of a pair of gigantic breasts from some anime, there’s going to be hell to pay.

Basically I’m just hoping for some assurance from Epic that there’s going to be some basic rules in place to keep this a safe for work environment. I don’t care if there’s nudity in threads where someone is looking for help with rigging or a decent skin material, or if there’s some profanity here and there, gun models, etc. We’re in the games industry. But if there’s not a reason for it to be relevant, then don’t include it. Avatars and signatures are not going to be relevant to 99%+ of a user’s posts, so there shouldn’t be a concern of “Oh no, what if my boss sees this while I’m asking about how to avoid cache misses in a performance hotspot that touches a lot of systems?”

There are actually restrictions on signatures as you can read here:

but of course i doubt that anyone reads it when they sign up…

And there is also an option in profile settings to hide signatures.

On the plus side it can add colour and character on the downside it can lead to a bit of an assault on the old optic nerves.
If or when it is implemented perhaps the option to not view avatars in user settings ?

Haha. Sorry, didn’t want to hurt You or something; lovely book (I’m pretty sure, even while I haven’t chance to read one yet).
I just wanted to mention that not necessary to use gigantic fonts and lots of text. As example:

[RIGHT]Kitatus Studios - Independent Video-Game Developer
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*quote this post to see code

For haters there is option: Show Signatures, as Jacky mentioned.

I think its easier to recognise picture than name (provided people do not keep changing). I for one, never changed my avatar. Just have an option to disable it, like you can for signature. I think this is the best middle ground.

Only black and gray could be cool. :slight_smile: