Can we have an AI forum area?

Hey guys. I think AI is going to be a big enough area with enough questions that it’d maybe be useful to break it out into a new forum area (much like the rendering area is now). Can I suggest this happens soon so that when Daniel posts the documentation there can be a focussed discussion of improvements that isn’t lost in general forum chatter?



2nd this. Searching for AI sometimes fails on me, search tells me my keyword is too short, same with “bot” so like I’d end up wading through posts matching only say “controller” Putting AI in a group would help much.

3rd this. All the AI/navmesh threads are scattered all over the place.


I am months and maybe years from AI work, but it would be great if a forum filled with knowledge awaited me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also like this

Same as above. AI deserve this :slight_smile:

I would recommend using the search on the documentation site. It includes results from all the other sites (using Google!) and can be filtered to only show an individual site, like the forums.

Oh, I didn’t think that was working yet…will give it a go next time I need a search. Thanks!

Hi Phil,

I’ve submitted your suggestion for an AI section for consideration.