Can we have a dedicated launchers for Unreal Engine 4 and a better services with it?

The game engine is sharing the same launcher with EpicGame’s video-game properties. Is it possible for Epic to just create a separate launchers for UE4 and their games? Or better yet have all the games sold or released on other platform such as STEAM, GOG, Origin, Amazon, Google, Etc… that includes Xbox, Sony, and Nintendo marketplace. It would be nice if developers of UE4 have their own launchers without sharing with players and offer separate services to us developers and gamers such as in a developer side maybe we could have a online chat or discussion board for developers to community just as STEAM have on their launchers.

Well, we already have a separate community.

As far as splitting off the games from the engine, I’d like that, at the very least it needs to be set up in a way where it won’t be affected by high traffic from Fortnite, but they aren’t going to relegate Fortnite to the other game stores, they specifically don’t want to do that because they don’t feel like the store percentages are reasonable (if you want to play Fortnite on Android for example you have to install it outside of the Google Play store, that way Epic avoids the 30% royalty)


What EpicGames could have done at this point is copying STEAM and GOG platform heck start getting involved in similar businesses. There are game-developers who doesn’t like both STEAM and GOG for their sales cut and ridiculous policies all they have to do is ask the Unreal Engine community for any top releases and boom they got a market to sell new releases of video-games. Then create a separate platform for their game-engine sides of the business for game-developers with it’s own launcher, services, community, and even marketplace separating itself from their video-games sections.

You can disable the games tab in the Launcher options, that seems like a fair compromise to me

Yeah whats the issue with the game tabs and the engine tab being in one launcher? Fortnite doesn’t affect the engine tab in any way and I never had any issues.
So why would the split it up?

I actually downloaded fortnite then never got to play it because the insane amount of updates it always wanted to download every time I opened the launcher interfered with using the engine so much. I uninstalled fortnite so I could open the launcher without 2gb+ updates to a game downloading every single time. I find it irritating that I can’t install any of the games without being forced to update them all when I want to open the engine.

And THIS is why we need the engine un-tethered from the games launcher. I get it epic want’s to be able to push updates for all the products under a single launcher app because it’s a lot easier for them. But man is it a real drag if you want to use the engine AND play any of the games.

I simply chose to not play the games.

You can disable auto-update in the launcher.