Can we get the Gears 3 DLC maps in the Horde map rotation? / Game design

Just something that’s been bugging me for a while. I have no idea if most players don’t have the DLC maps and that’s the reason we don’t get the new maps for Horde yet. But maybe it’s possible to run a check to see if all 5 players in the game session have the DLC, if that passes, then add the newer maps to the rotation? I’ve not seen much of the newer maps, but I tried one on a Private horde game and everything was there and working ok.

Also yesterday me and some random players had a bug or something where a 6th player was added. It was awesome and fun, until someone left pretty early on. And when someone leaves it spoils the game session for everyone(!), Horde mode is unique in this. The thing is that people ALWAYS leave prematurely for some reason or other. Some people are joining and leaving before the game starts, so you have to leave again and find other players - or it ends badly soone enough. For this reason, it would be better to have 6 or 7 or even 10 as the max starting players (to leave 5 by wave 40) or maybe this can be the norm for Gears 4 horde… it sucks though, because there’s a myriad of other causes for players leaving, e.g. not being able to start from wave 30; the huge time investment in these international game sessions; not joining other games in progress missing a player - or maybe just lag. Personally I would lock out players that leave right at the start if they keep doing it. This has been a problem since launch.

I understand maintenance for Gears 3 is probably over by now, but at least adding in new maps to the rotation, possibly even giving some of them away for free, would definitely enliven the state of the game as it is, enormously, it would add a lot of (replay) value to the product at this point, and hopefully invite more players to buy the game (when the Games for Gold period is over?). Thanks for reading.

Gears 3 has had a sequel (well, prequel), has long since been sold on, and it is getting a new sequel next year. It may just be time to move on after 4-5 years.