Can we get some new merchandise on the Epic Game Store?

Hello, i just like to express my huge intrest in some new merchandise on the
It be realy cool if there where some t-shirts and hoodies with the Unreal Engine logo on them.

And also PLEASE can we get some caps with your lovely logo on them?
e.g: 432b97223516a7c2c1ea53a2217d7f02.png


I want a bathrobe in blueprint node design and some editor UI themed bedsheets :wink:

haha cool ideas KVogler :stuck_out_tongue:

Another idea would be a keychain with the UE4 logo :slight_smile:

An Unreal Engine 4 titanium Flask please. For example:

It would also be pretty epic (pun intended) if Epic also released a titanium coffee mug, such as this:

As a side note, currently, SnowPeak holds pretty much a monopoly on titanium, ultra-light gear for backpackers. It would be nice to have another player in titanium gear (flask, mug at least).

Well, I could actually set up a (supplemental) production line for Epic merchandise.:slight_smile:
Its just a matter of production volume… Small, unpredictable, volumes make the single item more expensive.
I also thought about embroidered poloshirts, etc. But making a CAM control file is a lot of work. But then again you could use it for caps, towels, etc as well…

Well, production would be in Western Europe. While some Americans might argue that Europe is in fact a second world hellhole, believe me, its not…:rolleyes: