Can we get Additional Color Definitions in PrimalGameData_BP please?

I’m working on a mod that adds new color definitions into PrimalGameData_BP. I’m struggling with how to handle adding my colors (which all need a number, a name, RGB value and alpha value) so that future color definitions by the Ark Devs don’t cause compatibility issues. It seems like with other things that are added (like engrams and structures) there is space for those items defined by the devs, and an additional setting for loading additional items via the PrimalGameData_BP.

This screenshot shows how it is done for engrams:


But this is how it shows for Color Definitions:


Or am I missing something and is there a way that I can define my own colors without things breaking when new colors are added by the devs? I was thinking I could add a few dozen blank color definitions before I started adding my own and then when the the Devs add new colors I can update my PrimalGameData appropriately. This relies on the Dev Kit having up-to-date color definitions in PrimalGameData_BP though and that seems to not be the case right now.

Your help is appreciated!

Yeah I would love to have this as well. I think I asked this a “long” time ago in the recommendation topic.

In the mean time, how do you handle it Judqment8? Are there approaches that make this less of a problem down the track?

I just decided to “suffer” with the vanilla colors. I hate to make unstackable/not-clean mods so I just abandoned my custom colors.