Can we get a New Zealand/Australia subforum in the international section please?

Who would I talk to ask if that is possible?

Whilst certainly possible, I’m not sure what would be gained by it? There aren’t many developers from this part of the world active on these forums (and those that are, are perfectly capable of posting in English across the rest of the board)?

Was just a suggestion. Thought it might be easier to organise meetups and develop a local community. Just because there is a lower population in some parts of the world doesn’t mean we that it’s not worth it. Posting a city meetup thread in general discussion doesnt’ seem like the right place.


I’m from Australia and in the future I think I’d like to set up a team to make a game, and it would be nice If I could easily sort out the American’s from the Aussies or Kiwi’s.

I think its a great idea as it gives people like me currently trying to bring artists into my game the opportunity of finding us quicker. I think there should be a separate area for Aussies and Kiwis.

arnt the international subsections there because of big language differences?
its a bit like asking for a subsection for your town/city.
maybe put something in ‘looking for talent’

While you’d think that it would make it easier to find people from that area of the world, I think most people wouldn’t even look for it since the main forums are in English.