Can we get a naming convention here.

If anyone has used the ADK for a while, they would of had to edit the Core Blueprint, but not know what to call it, or how to explain to a new user what they need to do.

There is a Core Blueprint or CORE BP or CORE Blueprint, and you basically use it for the majority of the work, you assign new emitters, you determine if it’s powered or provides power. You attach new components or change old inventories to your new one so that it can craft/contain new items. You attach or change the Static Mesh, it’s the CORE of most of your items and work, and yet it has no name, no classification.

For example Additional Structure Engrams, you need to assign a new Item to a CORE BP, it doesn’t get added to the inventory, unlike how you do it for your own items. But it just says For Class, if it said CORE BP. or Core Blueprint or CBP, new modders would be able to ask what is this, and everyone would be able to instantly tell them just use the Core Blueprint, the one with the components like emitters and inventories. Also Class Additions works as a longtime user would expect, you add the PrimalItemStructure[NAME] file to it. That parts works how the inventory works, a new user will probably assume EngramEntry, as it’s called Additional Structure Engrams.

There is a really strange habit in the dev kit where everything is named randomly, completely random. Sometimes the dev kit core files don’t even have the same name for the same object. IceBox/Refrigerator for example.

Which is really why a naming convention has to started for the system, I’ve been using the Dev Kit since you released it so I know my way around. But it’s hard to explain to anybody that hasn’t been using it for as long, without having actual names for components.