Can we get a Developer Stream on this?

I found this video on the Unreal YouTube channel a week or so ago, and I think it definitely needs more attention. If I’m understanding correctly, it looks as if Paragon makes super-heavy use of texture masks - and the team created a huge tiling material library for their skins. This is an awesome workflow, and seems infinitely easier for asset creation. Creating reusable assets is something I’m big on, and this is something I want to use in the future for my Characters, Vehicles, Environment, Props etc. I just wasn’t sure if it was possible. Epic have proven that it is.

Could we get a developed stream on this workflow? I dig…

You mean PBR material ID maps?
That is pretty basic PBR stuff; in substance painter you can easily paint material ID map (each flat color = a material) which you can then use in engine to apply multiple different materials to the same mesh while still generating only a single drawcall per mesh.
Substance Painter makes it easy to paint these maps, you can paint the IDs directly on mesh.

I know what it is, but what I want to know is how they get away with using tiling materials on their characters without the tiling appearing really obvious. How do they handle UV’s etc.

+1 – great idea!


I’ll poke Harrison :slight_smile: