can we get a 18th-19th century ship pack

I am wanting to use the unreal engine 4 to make a 18th-19th century ship game but it doesn’t have a pack for those types of ships and I was wondering if you could publish one

That sounds cool but ships are fairly complex and time consuming to model (well depends on how much detail and accuracy you want) so I can’t imagine someone doing that cheaply.
From what I have seen in other websites, the interior is rarely done and the meshes are unsuited for games most of the time (very high poly meshes) so it’s even tougher to find decent game-ready ship models.

That said, if there is enough interest I might consider selling some of my ship models that I’m creating for my game sometime in the (distant) future… they are sailing warships from the 16th to 19th century (currently WIP).

Btw there is a galleon in the pirates island pack from the marketplace, it has low-res textures and no interior so it’s not great by any stretch of the imagination but it has worked really well for me as a placeholder I must say :stuck_out_tongue: