Can we Force Load a different Map Yet?

Obviously we can force load The Island.

Before I spend too much time ******** around, has anyone discovered a way to force load a different map? If so, can you please share the steps?


You should be able to force load any map under World Settings

That wasn’t helpful. :stuck_out_tongue:

So let’s say you download a map mod. How do you force load that?

The idea is to load your mod, but specify a map other than The Island.

edit: I think I got it to work, so nevermind lol.

Just put the map name in “Force Load Map Name” and make sure you have it saved in your maps file… that should make it work

Have you done this? Please give more detailed instructions what you did with the downloaded map mod!

I got it to work in a different way, so I’m curious what the proper method would be.

Yeah it’s how we make our “mods” that aren’t maps work. Basically you have to change the world settings of any map that your’re using to Force Load the map that you want.

So say that for my DeathFind mod I used DF(name of my map) in my DevKit to simulate/test everything. Now while the map is loaded I go to Settings on the top (gear looking thing in the dev kit) and go to the world settings options. A new tab should appear to your right (if you’re using the default layout), scroll down to where it says “Force Load Map Name” and then put in what map you want to load with your mod.

I guess I’m not being clear hehe. I’m talking about having your Mod use a 3rd party map you have subscribed to, not a map you are cooking with your Mod.

You guys are describing in detail the step that is already a given. I thought it was obvious in the OP that it was already understood to put the name of the level in the world settings force load map name property.

Let me give you a scenario to help us with this conversation: You go to the workshop and download a map mod. That gets installed into your content\mods.

Now you have your mod open in the ark dev kit. You have already placed the name of the .umap in the map mod you downloaded in the world settings. What are the detailed steps to take with the downloaded map mod, so that you can call it from the world settings?

Are you are saying there are no other steps to take?

You would have to place the actual .umap into the DevKit files


and then simply double click that map from the DevKit itself.