Can we expect support for running Unreal engine games inside Flutter applications like Unity does?

Unity apparently has support for running inside Flutter developed apps:

Can we expect similar support with Unreal Engine 4 in the future?

Definately just as Unity offers standalone package that could be added to Android Project similarly UE4 will also offer this in few updates.
The work is in progress as far as Flutter is conderend since Flutter is Cross Platform so does UNREAL so their is chance that UNREAL will someday support flutter but i don;t think hat they will see this as priority for Mobile platform right now.
Flutter as provide better UX which is key to good games I too hope that this is added to UNREAL as soon as it could.

Would be great if a staff member can confirm this…

I am not Unreal Staff but pretty sure that flutter for UE4 will not available for couple of Years.

Guys! I developed on flutter_unity Plugin for Flutter Web and we achieved a very good state of stability.

But these Plugins were made Open Source by non-unity developers!

So it‘s in our hand to create a Plugin for UE4 or UE5!

It just should be possible to export from UE4/5 an android bundle (not a self running app) and for iOS a UE4/5 Framework library to use it. For Web it can be a self running app because its embedded as a WebGL App.

So we just need some smart minds to START DOING IT!


Flutter + Unreal, Integrate Flutter into Unreal Engine

Build Unreal game UI with Dart, Lua or Typescript

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I’m so happy to see this and waiting for mobile support and ue5 integration, Great work!! :heart: :heart: