Can we expect better support for Mac?

We have three options that we can use to work with our project, and all three are broken in one way or another:

  • XCode
  • CLion
  • VS Code

All three have issues at the moment.

XCode: 7-8 GB of symbols are generated on a new project. Lookup works (sometimes it randomly decides to break though), auto-complete doesn’t.

CLion: Warnings and errors on the standard project, as many files are considered not to be part of a build target. Lookup works, auto-complete doesn’t, but it’s hard to code with all the errors around. I made a workaround by editing the CMake file and making all engine headers precompiled, but with that, reference lookup takes 3 minutes and is most of the time broken.

VS Code: Definitions list is empty, causing lookup issues:

Given the current state of things, I work fastest just using my Sublime Text Editor as it has consistently working look-up, but it’s disappointing and discouraging that we have to put so much work just getting the environment working and having to accept an incomplete experience.

Can we expect more support with these problems in the coming versions of UE4?