Can we disable the default comments when creating new C++ classes?

I know what the Constructor, BeginPlay, Tick, SetupPlayerInputComponent, etc. do. Everyone who isn’t a beginner knows what they are, too.

I understand the value of comments everywhere - I use them all the time. However, the ones included by default are for universal functions which pretty much everyone knows about, and I get tired of seeing them.

Is there some way to disable these?

Search for “.cpp.template” files in your unreal engine install, and edit them to taste.
Your edits will be blown away wach time you update, though.

The fastest way of searching for files by name is to install “Everything for Windows,” btw.
Despite the name it’s a mean, lean, file-finding utility that uses NTFS magic to find file name matches in a fraction of a second.

Well, that’s handy! Thanks!