Can we check unreal blue script code in code editor?

I just start to learn things about Unreal4, and when I check “Blue print tutorials” I realize that blue print is a kind of combination of unreal script and kismet, only it’s visualized. But all the logic and behavior seem to be as same as unreal script, so I’m wondering is there anyway we can use code editor like VS or sublime text to open the blue print source file to code it in a traditional way because as a programmer it’s much more faster if we code it directly rather than drag it all over the screen. I bet epic have sort of mid-language behind blue print and translated to visual graphics in the run-time.

If we can’t, I can understand all the mid-language codes are generated and followed a strict coding convention. It will be a chaos, if it’s open for every one to code it directly.

No, bluepeint indeed is build on top of unrealscript remains, but is not compiled to any readable code but to binery. Theres community project for C# support which let you convert blueprint to C# but current target is december