Can we borrow code from Robo Recall for UE projects?

Hi, Robo Recall and it’s mod package + source was released today and it contains a lot of cool and awesome stuff.

I know that Epic’s standard line for copying their code is that - “as long as you’re not looking and referring to the code while creating your own version of it, you should be ‘ok’”. Or at least that’s the response I found with regards to engine source code and learning examples code for use in other game engines.

So the question then is - does it apply similarly in Robo Recall? Are we able to study the bits that we like, and figure out a way to replicate them in our own UE projects? And what determines if the replicated functionality is too similar to the original?

Robo Recall code may only be used for creating Robo Recall mods; it can’t be used for other projects.

I’m not sure about the “standard line” you refer to above; you are welcome to use any or all of the engine code or example code (from Learning tab or Marketplace) in your own games under the terms of the EULA.

Thanks for the quick response.

Odd. I’ve seen countless projects use the level assets of Robo recall in their promotional material.

In fact, I’ve even seen people borrow the pistol for their own projects. All over the place on the forums, and I remember seeing someone from Epic Staff saying ‘it should be fine’ if they use the assets.

Those uses are unauthorized. Use of Robo Recall content outside of Robo Recall mods is not authorized under our EULA:

Epic grants you a non-exclusive,
non-transferable, non-sublicensable
license, during the period in which
Epic makes access to the Robo Recall
Content available to you, for a single
User to use, reproduce, and modify the
Robo Recall Content for the sole
purpose of creating Robo Recall Mods
for use with the Robo Recall video

If you are able to locate that Epic staff comment, could you please provide a link so that we may clarify?