Can we bind an event to a set of objects?

I have an array of created objects. They have an event dispatcher. I want to bind an event to all of the created objects. I can bind to any single one, using a get node, but I need a new bind for each. I was hoping to bind to the set, so I added them all to a set of objects, and used that as an input to a bind event. UE4 crashes as soon as it hits the node.

If this is an invalid way to do this, is there a better way?



Binding a Set to an Event is invalid since it is a container and does not implement any functionality to run events. Instead drag Array Element to the Bind target followed by exec pin from the add node

It appears that doesn’t work. Only the first button gets bound. Are we missing something?

When we bind during the loop through the objects, we only bind the first one. When I bind after the loop, I only get the last object. That is because each event can only be bound once. What I am looking for is an equivalent to dragging a line from each object to the bind node.

Okay, still stuck on this a bit.

It feels like there should be a simple and obvious answer we’re missing.