Can user inputs in a menu create geometry?

I’m working on a non-game app and wondering if its possible to create menu that has a number of inputs (like length, width, height) and an “ok” button that creates a 3d room based on those inputs?

The inputs could be sliders or dropdown menus.

If this is possible any suggestions on the best route to make it happen?

Sounds quite doable. You’ll need widgets and procedural mesh.

You could also swap out proc mesh with room segments and hierarchical static mesh if you don’t want to dig into vertex / face creation.

If rooms are simple than this could be easier for a beginner.

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create a BP( for example like player BP) which have event that all logic can create geomerty , in that event you can add param like width, height , etc . then create UI for example create a button , in UI Graph you can get you player ,then get you BP event , use bind event for you button call back function , then that will work like you want , use UI input to create geometry