Can use every Unreal Engine 4 Version but can't play any packaged games from other devs!?

Hello guys,

I have a strange bug. I work with UE 4.22.3 - 4.25 with no problems but everytime i want to play games from other devs that also use Unreal Engine, I get this Error Dialog Message:

The UE4-GameTitle Game has crashed and will close

LowLevelFatalError [File:Unknown] [Line: 3819]
Missing global shader FRecomputeTangentsPerVertexPassCS’s permutation 0, Please make sure cooking was successful.

I get this error message by my old computer system, now by my new computer system.

I use for both, old and new computer system a GTX 960. I updated the driver to the newest and dont use any over clocking.

But i still cant play other games that is made in UE4 and packaged.

If i create in 4.22.3 a blank project and packaged it. That also works without problems!

Can anyone help me by this?


Found the solution. By turning off “Force all skinned meshes to recompute tangents” in my engine project settings the other games works again LOL

Thanks a lot! That fixes my problem hanging over years!