Can Unreal utilize Sprite Asset Sheets

Hello forums!

I was wondering if Spirte Asset Sheets can be created with unreal.

an example is in this GDC talk.

If it doesn’t skip for you, skip right to 7:03 and the developer speaks about having sprite sheets versus sprite asset sheets in which a sprite sheet will be absurdly big versus a sprite asset sheet for a lot of animations will be small and will use a text file for interpolation data between assets.

this seems like a really good way to optimize and save time/space/data for bigger 2d games.

I’m currently beginning work on a big paper2d game and would like to know if I can use this technique.

if it can be done, what can I look at to start working on some template Sprite Asset Sheets. what it seems is that it uses a json file for interpolation data while just giving in the sprite assets themselves.

Are there programs that can create these json file? just curious.

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Alex Batista

Yes it does.
And it also supports texture atlases. Google first?!

Whoa, so I used google and did not find the results I was looking for which was how to create/utilize/or set this up.

So since you found what I could not, enlighten me.

Thank you :smiley:

EDIT: Oops too early in the morning, realised I haven’t answered the OP properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently Flash can export json files. And there seems to be a script to be able to export from After Effects too but I haven’t used this system myself yet.

I think the infiltrator demo had the explosion imported from After Effects as well