Can unreal export to dwg (autocad 2D) a 3D space ?

Hello everyone

I have a very strange question but it comes from my experience as an engineer. Usually what we do is to create the building/room model and then put it into a software for viz . But with unreal we might have a new option. Image an architect who built a simple room, import this room in unreal and start adding furnitures and other elements in a full 3D environment. After complete the interior design now what ? Can he/she export this architectural plan (top view) as a .dwg file with all elements (desk, furnitures, chairs,sofas, beds etc ) ???

What I am asking is this. Instead of making a plan (top view) (sorry for my english) , in autocad, to make create the whole interior design in unreal and unreal to make the .dwg . Is it possible ?


Unreal can only export to FBX, but if you’re trying to simply make a top view then there are ways to do that within UE4, or if possible you could just render a top view from an exported FBX

There are programs like Revit built for this exact purpose.

I think you’d have a hard time finding a designer who would want to do layout and design options in UE rather than Revit, Skecth-Up, AutoCAD itself, etc.

for what reason do you want to bring all you data from UE4 back to Autocad if you use UE4 for your complete design of everything? The other way around is a logical step but not from UE back to Autocad.