Can Unreal Engine support an MMO game similar to World of Tanks?

Hello everyone,

Recently I’ve began learning C++ (used to know C) for game development and I’ve been searching for the right game engine to create a certain type of game. I starting looking at Unity3D but later found out that it isn’t the best engine for creating the type of game I want to make, which brought me to the Unreal Engine.

I’m interested in making a multi-player game similar to World of Tanks. So basically a game where you level up your account and press a play button to be balanced into a game room with another 30 players (15vs15). A game such as this would mean that multiple game rooms are running simultaneously and saving data to a database with possibly thousands of users logged into the game at the same time. I’m not even sure how to call this. Are they clusters running at the same time? I don’t know. A game engine that I know supports all these features is BigWorld but its licensing prices are ridiculous.

Is any of this possible using the Unreal Engine? And if so, is this engine made for making an online game of this sort?

I’ve been looking at the documentation, posts and Google links I can find but haven’t come to any solid conclusion yet.

Any insight to any of my questions would really be appreciated, or even better, any links to data relevant to this concept would be fantastic.

UE4 can easily create something like that, and it does support online multiplayer. But just know that if you are aiming for thousands of people logged on at a time, you will have to either buy servers or pay a monthly fee for a company to host it on their servers.


Thank you Trisoft for your reply. That’s definitely good to know