Can Unreal engine bring back a game to life ?

I will be quick
I love battle games … I mean who doesn’t …
many people loved co-op games - battle royals
there was a game before died because the company held it has bad servers … and kept coming back to that game it was so fun + it gets you really addict to it … and that game yet still stumbled cause of the BAD SERVERS - I think they would let it go if they got good offer

the idea was brilliant actually
if real engine manipulate that game god knows what gonna happen …
that game is about co-op and depend on community cuz its about battels
I think its great opportunity …
well if you are interested to know the game speak to me in private
eyyyyy but if true that people would consider it as game project pleaseeeee i got 1 request
improve the graphic a little and that game will manipulate the people like fortnite did once …!

So much mystery.

How about you take off the cloak, drop the dagger and tell us what game you’d like remade.