Can unreal engine be used to make movies and cartoons?

Can unreal engine be used to make movies and cartoons?
because what if i need a cutscene or just want to make a cartoon or movie?

You bet you can make at least an animated movie.

Yes it can. Check the Matinee Fight Sequence in your launcher. There is also Documentation that breaks the whole scene for you.

thats great but will be i able to add voices as files from cubase and put them into speech scripts for my characters, and narrator? also where do i begin, with a simple cartoon? you know like 2d? also is cubase the best choice for voice design software or are there better products that do voice design only cheaper? other wise i’ll hire actors to do the speeches for my characters etc. However they will get 85% of the profits from the sales, of the movie. Also is there a measure i can do, so i can protect against people pirating it, so i can put it on tv, or in a cinema?

Also for example for a rpg, would i be able to do a video embedded to the game window following the character, say for example a type writer text box, or are there easier ways to do dialogues like that in a rpg?
it’s just that coding that type writer can be a pain in the rear with so many programs, and i think if i can’t do it in a easier way i would flip, unless it can be done with a video embedded to the game, to acheive that effect. Its for a original single player rpg, at the moment but i may intend to use it in a larger project in the future.

I would not recommend UE4 as a tool to make cartoons or animated videos. There is also currently no way to protect any visual copyrighted material from being duplicated. There are certainly measures you can take but if your content is good it will be pirated.

As an aside I would recommend learning the engine first instead of attempting an RPG which can be a daunting task for anyone.

That is true with movies and cartoons anyway … so this is kind of a moot point.

Cubase is a DAW and not voice design software, there are plenty of free alternatives for recording speech, search for ‘Audacity’. Cubase is designed primarily for multitrack recording which you probably wouldn’t need when recording a voice (unless you’d like to mix down multiple voices into a stereo track) even then there are loads of free multitrack recording software available for free.

But yes, you will be able to import .wav files into unreal engine and play them.

sweet, but i still wish to do a rpg because i know how to write variables and ai and their attack codes, its just npcs and getting them to talk to and from the player that is my biggest issue, So where would i start with a rpg?
on a side note do any voice design software programs actually exist out there, if so can i import the voice files i created with one of them and use the voice file in my project?

ah hello?(or i am thinking hello)

I’m sure it can, so go ahead working with UE4 :stuck_out_tongue:

can someone please send me a pm on a tutorial, or link on how to do this, either in video or help file section?

Start with this tutorial and then extend the blueprint with sounds and more text: :slight_smile:
For everything else you will have to search in the documentation (e.g when you need a combat system, just search for it in the doc) ->

thank you very much, all help is appreciated.
Yeah but about type writer style text? how is that done?

please let me know. I need it for my game real bad.

I’m currently working on one. It’s definitely possible with a use of Matinee. You animate and create scenes in 3dsMax or Maya and bring them all in UE4, positioning in the same manner. And then just work with cameras/effects/landscape etc.